MyBeeline application


SMS (Short Messaging Service) – is technology that allows communication by means of short text messages.

Maximum length of message: 160 characters of Latin alphabet or 70 characters of Cyrillic, including spaces.



For one SMS on:
Beeline CIS 0,06 GEL
Beeline other, Europe, Asia, Africa, South Amerika, Australia 0,21  GEL
USA, Canada 0,10  GEL


To use the current service, you should enter the followingdata in your telephone options:

  • SMS center number - +995 97 29 05 89
  • Message format – Standard text

How to enter recepient’s number:


You must enter the subscriber’s number, to which you are sending an SMS, in international format:
+ (country code)(mobile operator’s code)(subscriber’s telephone number)


For example:

+995 97 123456звонок

Prices include V.A.T.


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