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«Internet everywhere» – to activate internet, insert your Beeline SIM card in modem, connect it to the computer’s USB port and you are ready to travel in Internet!


Activate and use «Internet everywhere» without paying subscription fee or using unlimited Internet.

Also receive Beeline SIM card and use internet only for 1.5 tetri from 12:00 PM to 8:00 AM or for 0 tetri paying subsciption fee.


Advantages of «Internet everywhere»:


    *      Wireless internet everywhere were  is Beeline;
    *      Simple to use – input SIM card into modem, connect it to the computer and the program will be automatically installed;
      Simplified payment – you can pay internet fees easily by entering in modem menu payment card;
      SMS – sending SMS from the computer is as easy as from the mobile phone.
      You can send and receive SMS even when internet is switched off;
      Managing the account -  you can easily manage your account through modem menu.




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