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No need to remember all USSD codes to check your balance or activate a service.


Download the app, sign up and get 1 GB as a gift.

MyBeeline App


Top up the balance and activate services. Use automatic payments in order to always be on the go.


Download the app, sign up and get 1 GB as a gift.

MyBeeline App


You have the ability to check usage and billing details.


Download the app, sign up and get 1 GB as a gift.

Data Premium
/ 90 days
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Sport + Internet


Setanta Sports offers: 

  • Variety of exclusive sports content;

  • A wide range of live broadcasts – 5000+Live in the year, including Live streams of major sporting events.

  • Extensive catalog of videos.


In terms of the partnership, you can activate special mobile data packages and get access to the Setanta Sports package along with megabytes.

Choose 5 GB for 12₾ and 20 GB for 25₾.


To use the service:


  • Visit Beeline promo codes platform, select and purchase the desired package with simple verification, after which the amount will be deducted from the mobile balance and the corresponding (5GB or 20GB) internet package will be activated.
  • Visit Setanta website
  • As a payment method, choose - Activation Without Card
  • Register with your mobile number
  • Activate the promo code received via SMS
  • By activating the promo code, you will get access to the Setanta Sports package.


Megabytes and Setanta Sports Premium Package Validity - 30 days.


After 1 month, if you want to continue using the servicevisit Beeline promo codes platform again, select and activate the desired package for Setanta Sports.

Music + 3 GB


  • Activation: *120*45#
  • Balance check: *107#
  • Search and explore by artist, keyword, music genre, etc.
  • Over 2000 expertly curated channels in 100 music genres.
  • Discover the latest and most popular Vibes channels.
  • Get recommendations based on your listening history and preferences.
  • In case if you activate the internet package, you can use the Stingray Music application with the premium package for free.
  • If package data is fully used before its expiration date, charging will be continued from another internet balance (if such exists) or from the number balance according to the standard tariff price: 1 MB - 0,25 ₾.
  • If you purchase the same package before the already activated one expires, the existing package will be annulled and the new one will become valid.
  • In case of deactivation of the package, the paid amount, will not be refunded on the balance of the number.
  • The package has an auto prolongation feature. After 30 days from activation, in case of a sufficient amount on balance, the package will be automatically prolonged for the next 30 days. A sufficient amount on balance should be placed at the same time, at which package activation occurred in the last month.
  • In case of an insufficient amount on balance on the 30th day, the system will wait within 5 days for balance top-up. As soon as the balance will be replenished with the appropriate amount, the service fee will be deducted and the package will be reactivated automatically.
  • All Beeline subscribers are sent SMS messages with a warning about the expiration of any balance.
  • Parameter of mobile internet service quality: delay up to 300 milliseconds.
  • The package can be activated via MyBeeline App as well.



*To use the application you must specify Georgia in Apple ID.

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