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Internet: 5 GB
International calls: 50 Min
Calls with all local mobile operators and SMS: Unlimited
/14 days


Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and certain countries of Central Asia* 0.38 ₾
Azerbaijan 0.38 ₾
Europe, Asia 0.38 ₾
USA, Canada 0.05 ₾
/30 days
  • Activation *120*56#
  • Bundle balance check *125#
  • If the amount of MB or minutes for international calls is fully used before the bundle expiration date, charging will be continued from the number balance according to the standard price (Russia - 0,65₾, CIS - 0,85₾, Europa - 0,90₾, Asia - 0,90₾, North America - 0,70₾, Central and Southern America, Africa, Australia and other countries - 1,91₾).
  • If you purchase the same bundle before the already activated one expires, the existing bundle will be annulled and the new one will become valid.
  • You can activate other voice or data bundles together with this one. In this case, charging will occur on the balance that expires earlier.
  • Automatic prolongation is not available for this bundle. After expiration, the bundle will be deactivated. As a result, the remaining amount of MB and minutes will be annulled. Charging will be continued from other balances (if such exist) or from number balance according to the standard price.
  • Mobile data service quality parameter: Delay up to 300 milliseconds.
  • Service can be activated via MyBeeline App as well.
  • Activation *220*81#
  • Deactivation *220*82#
  • Call initiation price 0,10 ₾
  • *Countries of Central Asia: Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.
  • Automatic prolongation is available for this service. For successful prolongation, the balance should be sufficient on the 30th day and at the exact same time, when the package was activated in the previous month.
  • In case of insufficient balance on the 30th day, you can refill balance for 5 days for automatic prolongation. During these 5 days, charging will occur on the number balance according to standard prices.
  • Service can be activated via MyBeeline App as well.
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